¡Hola! It's me Melissa!

To my children: Thank you for giving me the inspiration and strength to follow my dreams.

I am the Creative Director and Co-owner with my husband Juanky of Flor de Harina!

I come from a matriarchal family of strong-minded women who does it all and shares love through cooking and baking.

My parents were both educators, and to them, I thank them for inspiring me to always dream and explore the world of food. We did not have expensive things, but rather all our family savings were meant for travel during the summer months to Spain, where my grandparents used live.

Flor de harina... was blooming in me back then. I always dreamt of this magical Space! I started baking lemon tarts at 8 years old with my older sister. Our first job ever was baking and selling pastries in my neighborhood!

When I turned 18, I went with $300 to Study Art in NYC and Mexico. I trained at FCI and learned from other great baker teachers.

I am a proud self-taught cake decorator! Specialized in Weddings! Always living and creating though ART, with love, passion, self-compassion, practice, and perseverance, Here we are!

Moved quite a lot and often traveled! Food was always my north. After working in many places and bakeries, my true love found me again, and I moved back to my Island, Puerto Rico!

Juanky trained as a "panadero" and bread maker,while we had multiple jobs until we finally could afford to open Flor de Harina.

Lots of effort, sweat, and tears! Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Maternities... did not stop our dream. We kept working for them. It has not been easy. We have learned so much about balancing family, local business, entrepreneurship, marketing, and human resources; we have many hats here! Always involved! That is our secret recipe...

MIEL is the new identity of our Pastry Division. Now stronger than ever, amazing bakers, but most importantly, GREAT HUMANS!

Let's create magic together!